Full Gospel Church Family and Friends,

I’m writing to share with you how Hurricane Sandy has impacted our church and convey the financial challenges the storm has brought us.  Also to ask you to partner financially in helping us meet our tremendous need of $200,000.

The first question asked has been, “Did you have insurance?” We were led to believe we were covered and we were directed by our broker to immediately secure the services of a restoration company.  Service Master removed drywall, dried the building and treated the structure for mold.  The bill of $167,000 was submitted and our insurance company refused payment stating Hurricane Sandy was not a hurricane but a “storm surge”.  After negotiations this bill has been reduced to $85,000 which must be paid in full by May 17, 2013.

Salt water is corrosive and brings extensive damage to everything it touches. Damages brought on by the storm include:

          • Parking Lot sustained 4 Feet of water submerging many cars, church van and church bus.

            Main floor flooded by 1 Foot of water including the Sanctuary, Foyer, Multi-Purpose Room,

            Music Dept. Office, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Nursery, Classrooms, Library, Utility and

            Storage rooms.
          • Furniture, Equipment and Teaching Supplies destroyed by water damage.
          • Church Parsonage flooded with 1 Foot of water when the ocean and bay met. The first floor

            Living Space, Bedrooms, Laundry Room and Garage.


Immediately following the storm, churches responded to our aid from New York and beyond.  Friends from Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania brought work teams from their churches to help restore our buildings.  We received responses from Assembly of God Churches and Districts.  Many who were not able to come provided monetary gifts to help in this effort; We are extremely humbled and grateful to these friends.

In late November of 2012 we partnered with Samaritan’s Purse, a disaster relief organization headed by Franklin Graham. They began to use our church building as a home base in housing and feeding 100’s of volunteers who came from all over the USA. These volunteers went into our community and surrounding areas cleaning and gutting resident’s water soaked homes. In exchange, they would help us to rebuild our damaged building.  Along with the volunteers, Billy Graham Association Chaplains were on site, ministering to each of the families who where helped by Samaritan’s Purse.  They ministered to 485 families and led 138 people to a new relationship with Christ.  These families have become our new mission.

As a church impacted by “Sandy” we are still recovering and facing many challenges.  In spite of these challenges the Lord is doing many great things!

Will you partner with us in prayer and with a financial gift?  You may send contributions to :
Sandy Relief Fund 
Full Gospel Church of Island Park
4101 Austin Blvd. Island Park, NY  11558


To see photos, visit our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/fgcip

Any resources you may have available that would be to our benefit, we would appreciate.

Thank you for your kind consideration and generosity.

Peter A. Conforti

Senior Pastor



4101 Austin Blvd.

Island Park, NY 11558






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