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Prayer in a Diner

Our waiter at a diner had his right arm wrapped with an ace bandage. We inquired what was wrong. He explained that he had fractured his elbow tripping over his kid's toys. His doctors ordered him to rest his whole arm for 12 weeks and keep it in a sling. His boss said he could not work with a sling so he wrapped it tightly with an ace bandage, and favored it in his vest. He was back at work two weeks later, in pain and trying to be careful because he couldn't afford to go without work or pay.

We asked if we could pray for him. It was late in the evening, the restaurant was just about empty and he had time and agreed. So we surrounded him, asked if we could place our hands on his arm and elbow then asked God for healing/mending of every fiber/blessings on his family and finances. He thanked us and we walked away encouraged and filled with faith that God would complete his healing.

Two weeks later, we went back to the diner. We recognized our waiter as being the same man we prayed for with a fractured elbow so we asked and he gave us the testimony that he was pain free within 24-36 hours after we prayed and back at work with no pain or ace bandage. His doctors said he shouldn't have healed this quickly and should be out of work for another 6 weeks. We asked if we could record his testimonial (You can see the testimonial on our church Facebook). He also showed us his doctor's orders. He said that what he experienced was much more helpful and fulfilling and he probably would still be the same if it wasn't for God and our (prayers of) intervention. He said it was, "The power of God."

God is so Awesome!!!

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