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June 6th, 2013 was a very discouraging and stressful day. One of Full Gospel Church members,

Alex was in the hospital with a fever, intense headache, body chills and pain with low blood platelets. The prognosis did not look good. The doctors assisting him ran a battery of tests over the following days and ruled out Meningitis and a series of other possibilities. There was no reason he was experiencing sickness. Prayer was all we as a church body could do, and trust in our Healer, Jesus.

Alex's wife testified in church days later that she was distraught and continued to pray for her husbands health and recovery. The book of Job, in the Bible, the example of tragedy and pain, became her fear. She knew it was not understood why Alex was in such pain and discomfort like this and she feared the worst. She said there was a moment during one of her visits where she took her Bible and placed her hand on Alex and began to pray and declare his healing. If God's Word was true, she asked God to prove Himself and bring healing to her husband.

The good news is that Alex recovered, the fever subsided, blood platelets returned to normal, headache stopped and his strength returned. God had healed Alex! The Doctors had no explanation for what had happened, how it happened and how all the symptoms of illness disappeared.

Of course, we know what happened; it was the power of God at work bringing healing and health to Alex's body. Praise God!

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