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Testimony of Provision

The past two years have been a real struggle. So many issues with finances being number one. Like a ton of bricks on my shoulders. That is how it feels most days. I am very young and I have a lot on my plate. My youngest son was born with a major intestine problem. The grace of God has gotten me through. I have to say that's when my faith really started getting strong. The Lord stood by my side every moment even when I had many doubts. He never let me down. Now, a year and half later, my son is a healthy normal boy. In the midst of other issues, still, my faith is getting stronger. The more I believe, I see The Lord is working miracles in my life. I was on the verge of being homeless about two weeks ago and God has given my family and I a place to live. It may not be forever but its something good. I just keep praying and I realize prayer is very powerful!

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