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God Heals, Saves and Delivers

A young man, raised in the Nazarene Church fell away from the Lord in his teen and young adult years. He began living a homosexual lifestyle with a boyfriend. A job opportunity opened up to him and he began working excitedly only to find out the Supervisor in this job was involved heavily in witchcraft. This young man became saturated in all types of negative behavior. Family members, who were Christians, requested prayer for him. Many prayers, petitions and fasting was done for his life and future.

The Holy Spirit's conviction followed him and he rededicated his life back to The Lord and began attending church. He struggled with completely committing his life to the Lord. He was asking God to prove Himself. During a prayer time he talked about his struggle and confessed he was afraid of a spiritual battle that would take place if he completely commits every part of himself to The Lord. Someone shared with him Christ has already won the battle and fear is not necessary but a roadblock to drawing closer to God.

Many destructive and difficult situations happened to this young man in his life and family. But prayers continued for him. In faith we believed he would be a leader in the church someday!

These things happened over several years. But today, the testimony is he committed his life fully to The Lord. He left his lifestyle behind and attended YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Ministry School and God brought complete healing and deliverance.

This young man met his bride in school, married, and is now in full time ministry as a Youth Pastor.

Glory To God! He is the God who Heals, Saves and Delivers!

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