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Miracle for an 18 year old

Brian struggled with Crohn's Disease and always had difficulty eating. In the beginning of January he began to feel very sick and was taken to the hospital where they discovered his bowels burst and infection was spreading through his body. Surgery was a must but the doctors could only do so much. As the days went by his family was beside themselves with worry. So they called Pastor Peter and requested prayer. He was considered critical and the doctors placed him in an induced comma.

As the prayer request circulated through our church family we prayed for encounters with Jesus, angelic visitations, complete healing and reversal of damage to his body as well as the eradication of Crohns, creative miracles, restructuring of the bowels as well as a heart shift to the Lord.

One morning, the nurse who would do the morning rounds rarely started in the room Brian was located in. She normally started on the opposite side. But this morning, she started in Brian's room. As she walked in she saw that he was struggling and his numbers were plummeting to a dangerous level. She immediately intervened and called for help and everyone worked on Brian to stabilize him. She explained to his parents later, "Someone upstairs is looking out for Brian because he could have slipped into eternity before she got to his room that morning."

Several people from Full Gospel Church visited Brian in Nassau University Hospital and the family was so grateful for their prayers. But as we prayed, there began to be a change in Brian. His critical status was changing as his toxin levels were decreasing. Within a week he was brought out of the coma, was sitting up and talking. The doctors were shocked at the rapid improvement. He was gaining strength and his family was elated! Things were looking much better! Within 3 weeks Brian was allowed to go home but with the understanding he was still recovering.

The amazing fact was the doctors said most children don't make it out of this condition or they are in the hospital for 3 to 4 months on slow recovery. But God had another plan for Brian. He wasn't like "most" because of the prayers of God's people and healing power of Jesus Christ!

Brian is doing great. His greatest need now is to gain weight. Praise God!

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