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The Right Job

During a recent Wednesday afternoon while our N.I.C. Food Distribution Program was in progress, a couple came to the door. The lady and gentleman were blessed with bags of groceries and before they walked away, our volunteers asked if there was anything they needed prayer for. The gentleman mentioned he needed a job. But not just any job, a specific job. He had applied but had not heard back from the business. So the volunteers prayed God would provide a job and finances for this couple and that it would be the right job. Before they could finish praying, the gentleman's cell phone rang; it was someone calling to say they were wanting him for a job he applied for. As they continued to talk, he realized, it was the very place that he wanted to work. His face lit up and he finished his call, promising to report to work the next day. He said good-bye and hung up the phone, then looking astonished, he said, "You are not going to believe this..."

Yes...we believe it. God answers prayers today, and even cares about giving us "the right job".

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