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Surprised by Healing

Monday evening made an impact on every man who attended Men's Ministries. A handful of men took several minutes and shared on the Men's Ministries Spiritual Physics to Maturity. They spoke from their heart and God used their words to minister. As the meeting continued, Arnie, who was prayed for in a prior meeting for a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder, shared that his shoulder is fine. He praised the Lord that since the men prayed for him he has had no discomfort. He demonstrated the range of motion that he had lost had now returned. God healed his shoulder, Praise the Lord!

Then, another gentleman named Mario said, "I have something to share as well." He mentioned that he had a rotator cuff tear as well and he was having difficulty working in his sanitation job. He was babying his injury and would experience a great amount of pain.

This gentleman heard that a family member was not well, so during an altar call for healing on a Sunday morning, he stepped forward to stand in for this family member...not thinking of his own need.

He mentioned that as he prayed for God to heal this family member that a Prayer Servant came and placed their hand on his shoulder, the one with the torn rotator cuff. He said that he felt the touch on his shoulder and God's presence. He walked away that day not thinking of himself or his injury but trusting God for his family member's healing.

It wasn't until the end of the day the following Monday that he realized, HE HAD NO PAIN. His shoulder wasn't throbbing in pain and he was able to move it, use it, had range of motion and couldn't believe it. He said, "God healed my shoulder, too."

We serve a Mighty Powerful God who heals us and makes us whole. Praise His Holy Name!

God Surprises us with Healing.

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