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The Strength of Superman

Our Congregation was excited to hear the testimony of healing Sunday morning. A dear sister stood and shared her story with joy.

She had always had a particular physical need that required regular medicine on a daily basis. Over the years she developed pain in her knee and went to the doctor. Upon examination and x-ray it was discovered that she had deteriorating cartilage and was experiencing pain from bone rubbing against bone. Surgery was suggested and rest. This created difficulty, not only with a surgical scenario but difficulty because she would not be able to go on a missions trip to Uganda which she had planned.

As the time for the trip drew nearer, she made the decision to go and would trust that God would give her the strength and would heal her. When the day arrived she took a cane along as added support because she was in constant pain. Also, while in the airport, she used a wheelchair to get her from door to gate to plane.

She shared of her enjoyable visit with the woman sitting next her on the plane, who was also a Christian. Upon leaving the plane in a wheelchair, she came to the gate and the woman stopped to say goodbye, handed her money to place in an offering on her mission trip. She stood up, placed her cane to the side and wished her new friend farewell. When she turned to walk away, the cane was gone. She knew she had just placed it to the side, but could not find it anywhere. So she decided to walk, without cane, wheelchair or assistance.

They arrived at their destination and she felt great! Over the next several days she couldn't believe how great she felt. She would stay up at night and pray for the coming ministry the following day but wouldn't feel tired. She also fasted but did not feel hungry. When it would be time to go to minister, she was encouraged to stay behind to rest but insisted she was fine. She also stopped taking her medicine for her physical need and felt even better.

As the missions trip in Uganda came to a close, she testified that she felt strong, healthy, pain-free, like Superman! She could go and do whatever she wanted and felt great. She didn't need a cane or her medicine!

Upon returning home, she went back to the doctor and it was discovered that she no longer needed the medicine, which she stopped taking, and no longer needed knee surgery. God Healed Her Body!!!

She encouraged us to trust and believe and walk in faith! That God gives us the strength like Superman to do work for Him!

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