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Shopping Turned to Encounter

A Testimony shared this summer was a beautiful example of how The Holy Spirit leads and guides us.

The story was shared in this way:

"The other day I went to TJMaxx to shop and I knew there was someone God wanted me to speak to. So, I walked all through the store, up and down each aisle asking the Lord who. An hour went by, then two and still the individual was not highlighted to me. I could not leave the store because there was an urgency in my spirit, so I continued to wait, shop, pray, walk around and around.

Till I came to a beautiful lady, I knew she was the one. So I began to share my faith and hope in Jesus Christ and how He is the answer to all questions and every need we have. The lady listened and did not stop me from sharing but grew interested and was emotionally moved by my words. The Holy Spirit was touching her heart and drawing her to God's heart. She prayed with me and received Christ into her life. There was a transformation that happened that day.

I invited her to visit us at Full Gospel and was so excited to see her attend with her husband. Since that day, this beautiful lady is part of our church family as well as her husband who accepted Christ as well.

I'm so glad I went shopping that day, but even more that I waited and prayed."

Every day God wants to encounter people with His love. And, He wants to speak through you to people around you.

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